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Pug Puppies Doggie Days: Pug Pug Pugs
Pug Puppies
2005 Calendar
Doggie Days: Pug
2005 Calendar
Pug by Gibson, Judy
Art Print
2005 Calendar

PUGDOG® Enterprises, Inc. and my use of the handle "pugdog" go back a long way. The origin of "pugdog" as a handle is obscured in the mists of IBM® NDA's and pitchers of margaritas. All that remains is the legacy built from those humble origins, and cute pictures of furry creatures with a habit of running in circles and lifting one-too-many legs to pee.

Pug Shots and Shutter Pugs were two cute and punny names we started to use for our pictures of pugs, and for me, "PUGDOG", the top "Shutter Pug" of them all :) (ok, a bit of ego there... but I've been taking pictures since I was old enough to hold a camera, my grandfather was a photographic pioneer, and developer still courses though my veins (they tell me there may be a cure for that one day!).

Back in the early 1990's, when we set up Postcards.com and registered the trademark "Digital Postcards®", for our viewable, sendable, and eventually printable, digital images, our real "trademark" was the pithy comments, sarcastic (but family friendly) humor directed at our own images.

Pug photos were a large part of what we offered, and there is no way you can look at pug pictures without trying to add a comment or two.! The Caption Contraption is coming soon, so you can add your own comments to the images, not only ratings and reviews.

In the mean time, a book was published "Pug Shots" that paid homage to the pug in pictures. Rather than get upset, we enjoyed HIS pithy comments and captions, and realized there had to be a pug lover in there some where! No one can hold exclusive to any pithy pug sayings, the dogs themselves CREATE them, and bring them out in EVERYONE. Our first pug was named "Pugnacious Pug", and "Pugs and Kisses" was what we got growing up, and every time we came home (pugs hate to be alone for any length of time). "Pug Shots" had him in it, and he was the most amzing little "Love Pug" of them all (all 20 pounds of him!)

That book led to the inevitable string of tag alongs, Pug Shots Deluxe Notecards , and 2005 Calendar.

How could you reist this face?
Pug Shots